Photographer Ron Burns


Born in Alabama , 1944

North Hollywood High School

United States Marine Corps

Licensed Private Pilot

Chandler-Gilbert CC

Arizona State University

Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew

Matterport Service Partner

Licensed Commercial Drone Pilot

Zillow Certified Photographer

National Association of Photoshop Professionals

CEO AZ Image Pros LLC


 A Little about me

Retiring at the end of 2000 after a successful business career, I once again took up Photography. Studying at Chandler-Gilbert Community College then Arizona State University, I became more proficient in Photography and Photoshop.

After spending time in Landscape and Portrait Photography I turned my focus to Real Estate and Architecture. 

A Lot About The Company

Specializing in Real Estate and Architectural Photography is challenging, the bar is always rising. Presentations that were good yesterday grow stale in comparison to the ever changing technology available today.

Telling a story about a property today is more than static photos. Zillow’s research found listings that engaged the viewer with 3D and Video produced more saves and fewer days on the market than those without. They now provide Apps for both 3D and Video to complement static photos.

At Ron Burns Photography LLC, we give you strategic ways of showcasing your property.

Matterport 3D Tours and High-Definition Photos

Aerial Photos, Videos, or Both

Zillow Walkthrough Video & Zillow 3D-Home

Single Property Websites

Enhanced Videos set to Music

Matterport 3D Tours

At the head of the heap in 3D technology is Matterport. Based in the Silicon Valley of Northern California they seem to always stay ahead of the competition. Their current 3D camera is capable of scanning and measuring the property while producing unlimited high definition photos. A unique Doll House and Floor Plan view created with each project gives the viewer an immediate and clear understanding of the property.

Schematic Floor Plans are available in PDF, PNG and SVG formats showing room dimensions.

All Matterport Tours Are Not Created Equal

Matterport Tours can be presented in 3 forms. The simplest and easiest is presented by having the usuer move around the property using keyboard arrows or swiping on mobile devices. While this is interactive and yields great results with experienced users, it often results in frustration and early exits for the inexpierenced. The next is a slideshow presentation that systemically shows scans of the property in an orderly fashion. This takes more time to develop and a giant step above the first. The third is an automated tour that walks the usuer through the property with motion from one point to the next. This is by far the best experience but takes more time and talent to create than the previous two. I use this Automated Tour exclusively and think my 3D Tours are among the best available.

For those willing to explore the property, all 3 presentations allow the usuer to stop, use arrow keys, or your finger, to turn the camera view and see more details than ever before. With a little instruction you can become an expert in a few minutes, Click on the Barnes Creative panel to see “Learning Matterport”

Aerial Photography

Being a Licensed Pilot in 1976, getting my Commercial Drone License was a given. With multiple DJI Drones to choose from, I can get that stunning shot others just hope for. I’ve been flying Drones since 2008.

Zillow Walkthrough Video and 3D-Home

Did you know that 92% of Home Buyers search the Internet before contacting an agent?

With Zillow being the elephant in the room, it only makes sense to enhance your listing with one or both of these.

Enhanced Videos can also be posted directly on Zillow. Their guidelines state: “Branding is allowed but should be limited to a maximum of 15 seconds at the start and 15 seconds at the end of the video so the focus is on the listing. An occasional mention of the agent or brokerage name is allowed in the audio. Agent voiceover throughout the video is acceptable” (from Zillow guidelines,

Single Property Websites

What a great Marketing Tool, the browser tab is the property address! Try this statement on your next listing presentation; I’ll include a single property website for your home, free, that can be shared with all your friends, and even post it on your Facebook page.

Single Property websites open with an included Slide Show or Video presentation, set to music. Scroll down the page to revel;



3D Tour


Floor Plan & Homeowner Docs if available

Realtor Information with Clickable Links

Contact From

Google Map with Property Pinned

You’ll have editing rights to select which photos show, and their order. View the number of times the site was visited, and from what city, along with the number of repeat viewers. Print Flyers, post Open House dates, embed your Facebook Pixel, and so much more.


Once considered only for the luxury market, videos are now within reach of most listings. Videos are proven assets that generate more and longer views.

Although not my strong suite, I’ve completed several videos, each progressing towards the level I ultimately want to achieve. In need of practice, good deals are available to properties that a video would enhance. See a few examples in the GALLERY Video section.

Using Matterport

See this short video by Barnes Creative Studios for learning tricks only the Pros know. There have been additional features since this video was made but this will set you far ahead of even photographers using this system. Since this opens in a new tab, just close it to return.

View This Single Property Website

Once Inside, You Can SCROLL DOWN To See The Remainer.


ALL PHOTOS (except Aerials) In The Above Webpage were extracted from the 3D Tour taken with the Matterport PRO2 3D Camera.

1787 Anna Drive is a Matterport 3D tour embedded into this page. When clicked it will start and remain in the reduced size. If this embed code is placed in a wider column it would display at column width.