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Why Should I Spend Money For Your Services, Everything’s Selling In Weeks?

I hear this one often, and the simple answer is, you don’t. But if you don’t get the listing, what does it matter? Even in a Seller’s Market there’s competition for listings. Friends and referrals may go with another Realtor that presents a better package designed to not only sell their home faster, but for more money.

My Smart phone is the latest and takes phenomenal photos, why should I hire someone else?

First response, Realtors make far more money than Real Estate Photographers, do what you do best.

While it’s true that in the right lighting, Smart Phones today take photos that challenge professional cameras, however, the correct lighting  seldom exists inside a home. Professional cameras have more control in conditions that are not ideal.

Have you attended a wedding lately where the photographer was using a smart phone? Perception is a very important asset.

If you feel the need to be involved, do the Zillow Walkthrough or 3D-Home on your Smart Phone. If you do it when the Photographer is there, most would be happy to assist by opening the front door as you approach, or with questions on techniques to help. Check my recent Blogs for tips.

Which is better, Video or Matterport 3D?

When done right, either is a good choice, but I prefer Matterport. It’s not that I’m better at it, it gives the prospective buyer much more information than can be garnered by Video. Not only do they see what I want them to, they can rotate and move the camera to see what they want to. Maybe that’s why there’s an abundance of offers made sight unseen on properties that feature a Matterport 3D Tour.

Matterport Tours provide an added bonus by providing most, if not all, of the photos needed. If a Drone is not used then it can be the complete package.

There’s also price. From my experience, a good Video costs quite a bit more than a good Matterport. I look at Videos produced by Silver House and Drone Cowboys and drool with envy. They make the best argument for Video, so I’ll continue my quest to rise to their level of expertise.

If it’s a special property, do both.

Are photos from your Matterport camera really good enough?


With the ability to choose from virtually unlimited photos generated during the capture process, ample High Quality photos pose no problem.

Actually, right out of camera photos are quite good. The PRO2 delivers High Definition photos that take minimal time adjusting, color and focus is spot on. The Dynamic Range (light to dark) seems to be around 8 to10 stops. This gives good exposure inside a room with bright windows while still showing detail in the shadows. The human eye has a dynamic range close to 20 stops, so all cameras come in second. These cameras do have very wide lenses, so it can show distortions, as any wide-angle lens is prone to do.

How long does it take to do a Matterport 3D Tour?

I schedule 2 hours for the tour, it’s seldom over this for a home under 3500 SF. Naturally some jobs take longer, especially when pets are involved. If Zillow Walkthroughs/3D-Home are included add another 30 minutes. Since Drone photos/video are completed outside the home, they usually won’t add to the time.


Commercial properties are usually more complex and require additional time. I try to do them during non-business hours as moving objects (people) present problems obtaining useable 3D Scans. For still or video, people add to the dynamics of the finished product and are encouraged. I have photo release forms I can supply in advance.

When will the Photo Package be ready for me to post?

With very few exceptions, everything will be ready the next day. On larger homes with Video, editing may take another day.

How do I receive the photos?

If you’re doing just the Photos/Matterport, I’ll send a link to the Dropbox file. It will include ample photos for you to use. Most Realtors use the whole collection, which is usually 40 or more. I suggest around 25, but you’re free to use all, or as many as you want. All Photos in the file will be ready to post.

Matterport 3D Tours will have 2 Links, one that is Branded with your information, the other, Unbranded for MLS. Embed codes are available when needed.


If you purchased the Single Property Website, all photos and tour links are listed, just tap the Copy Button to add to your clipboard and Paste where needed. From the Property Website Photos can be selected in 3 regular sizes or choose a custom size to print. Select Full Size to Post on most MLS sites.

Will you post to MLS for me?

I will, but it will cost you $50 for the first time and $15 thereafter. This helps offset the cost to join your local MLS charters, along with a small charge for posting.

I’ll be happy to assist you with questions concerning where/how to post the Matterport 3D Tour file.


Can stuff be sent to my it person?

Yes, just provide their email address. Of course you could provide links to anyone you wish to have access to the files as well.

what's your lead time for scheduling?

Usually a few days is fine, but more is always appreciated.