SCustomizable Websites

Single Property Websites are webpages assigned to one address. In fact, the browser tab will display the street address of the property. What a great Listing Tool to tell your potential client that their house will have its own special website.

In standard form, the site opens with a slideshow (Ken Burns effect) set to music. On mobile devices you may have to allow sound. If a Video is available it can start when the site opens, if desired.

When you scroll down the page the next section is the Overview and property amenities. Next are sections for Video and 3D tours, if any, followed by the photo section where the viewer can swipe through photos. A Floor Plan, if included, will interact if desired. When a room is clicked, a photo of that area can be displayed.

Documents such as Homeowners Association Rules can be included, as well as other legal forms. After these your profile is displayed with clickable links to your email, website and social sites. In this area there is an information request that interested parties can fill out for additional information. This form can be forwarded up to 5 people you designate such as office manager and Team Members.

Next is a Google Map showing the property location.

Sites can include an exit request for information as the view starts to leave the site.


Other Features Include the ability to:

  • Organize photo order and amount (hide or delete)
  • Print Photos in various sizes
  • Copy links for the site, 3D Tours, Videos, both Branded (with Realtor Information) and MLS (unbranded) for posting.
  • Reports include number of total visitors with city/state, returning visitors, number per day for selected date range
  • Select Music from 12 selections or insert music you have permission to use.
  • Print Flyers with photos arranged by you
  • Add Team Members or Office personnel

And much more information.


When a link is posted on facebook it becomes a clickable photo, great for spreading the word when shared by your contacts.


A Cheat Sheet is included to get you started, or you can choose to do nothing. The sites are delivered working as is.

Property Description, picking photos and order, is usually all that is necessary. The site will pick up information from local municipal and MLS sources. Year built, number of bedrooms, square footage will be populated from county records if available. If the listing is active the property description will be copied from MLS. All this data can be edited, and at the very least should be checked for accuracy.

Click on the Image To See, Opens in New Tab, so Close Tab to Return

This Property Website is an example of a prefabricated home and how amazing it can show.

Once it opens you can scroll down to see more of the site.


Website with video

When a Video is present, it can be set to start instead of the Slide Show as this one.